I write copy that turns your hardest prospects with straightforward and honorable direct response copy that customers react to in a positive way.

Direct Response

A straight line from your clients bank account into your$. Pun intended.

Speed...I am Speed....

Faster than fast, quicker than quick, I.am.lightning! How fast am I? Movie reference formulated and executed within 10 seconds.

I'm good

I'm better at this than basketball, and that's saying something since I played in college and could've went pro. Don't believe me? Look me up.

I'm efficient

Everything I do, is done with the utmost efficiency. Its a mantra I live by. 3pt percentage my senior year was higher than Steph Curry's in his.

Free Audit

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Still scrolling?!

Wow! You made it all the way to the bottom. Well as a token of my appreciation here is a picture of my pretty face in cartoon form. So you can put a face to the name of the man who's about to make you some more moneyyy! Since you're here might as well follow me on social media and book a strategy session.